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Website Health Check and Report


It is essential for every website to load as quickly as possible and to perform at its best at all times. The Website Health Check and Report service aims at examining your website and server for any potential issues. We run comprehensive checks on the website and server performance, examine log files and the overall health of the website and server. We then generate a report outlining any issues and a plan for fixing them. The report will also include recommendations and best practices of how to keep your website and server at their best.

Website Health Check and Report Features

Some of the tasks performed during the Website Health Check and Report are:

  • Website load times.
  • Javascript and html errors.
  • Security protocol errors.
  • Performance issues.
  • Check website log files for potential hidden errors.
  • Check database health.
  • Check domain health.
  • Check server configuration and health.

Additional Information

  • This service does not include any fixes and/or changes to your website or server.
  • Server, FTP and website admin access is required in order to performed most of the tasks covered by the service.

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