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About CFL Systems

Our Story

The founder of CFL Systems, Inc., Steve Stoyanov, has been working in the IT field since late 1990's doing system and network support and administration for small businesses. In 2006 Steve started his own adventure and CFL Systems, Inc. was incorporated in the beginning of 2007. We provide eCommerce Services and Solutions as well as pre-built modules, custom coding and IT support. We are known by the quality of our work, well priced modules and services, and the way we treat our clients with honesty and respect.

Steve Stoyanov

Founder and CEO

How We Work

We believe that communication, honesty and reliability are the keys to success. This is way we work closely with all of our clients through all development phases to ensure correct, on time and on budget delivery of every project. The following few simple rules make CFL Systems different from the majority of web developers.

No outsourcing

We do not outsource any work. Every project we work on is being developed in house by our staff.

No overbooking

If our schedule is full we will advice you on possible work timeframe and/or delay instead of leaving your project for weeks without working on it.

Reliable quality work

We plan carefully, with a vision and test thoroughly before announcing the completion of every project.

We stand behind our work

We do everything possible to complete every project to our clients complete satisfaction. Even if it is outside the original scope of the project.

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