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Make an Offer for X-Cart 5


Make an Offer module is an X-Cart 5 add-on which allows customers to submit an offer to purchase listed products and services. Admin can then make the decision whether to accept the offer and make a sale or decline.

Make an Offer for X-Cart 5 Features

  • Installs as a module so you can easily turn it on/off when required.
  • Admin and customers are notified by email and admin can adjust what goes in which email notification.
  • Admin can see and compare prices right within the offer.
  • Admin can add notes for each offer - private and visible to customers.
  • Admin can enable for all products or selectively per product.
  • Admin can make chances to offers with or without emailing these changes to customers.
  • Admin can set auto-decline status and threshold for offers.
  • Admin can set who can send offer requests - all, registered customers and specific memberships.
  • Set custom Terms & Conditions for the offer request.
  • Allow customers to enter comments with the offer request.
  • See which products and users have offers assigned right in the products and users list pages.
  • Customers can see all offers they have sent, their status and any notes admin posted for them.

Additional Information

  • Compatible with X-Cart 5.2.x or newer.

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