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Site Structured Data for X-Cart Classic


Site Structured Data module is an X-Cart Classic add-on which allows webmasters to easily add Structured Data Markup to the website. This module makes it a breeze to add structured data for logo, company, social profile links, breadcrumbs, rich snippets, and more.

The module uses JSON-LD format for the structured data making it easy to read and understand by search engines. It does not require any changes to the html code of the site like the other structured data formats. This module adds the markup at the end of the html code just before the closing </body> tag so there is no negative impact on the pages load time.

Site Structured Data for X-Cart Classic Features

  • Installs as a module so you can easily turn it on/off when required.
  • Add numerous Structured Data Markups to help with the website online presence and search results.
  • Uses newest and simples JSON-LD markup format.
  • Markups are added at the end of the HTML code thus having no negative impact on pages load time.
  • Tell Google and other Search Engines which logo you want them to consider as company logo.
  • Provide accurate Corporate Contacts information for Google to show on search results.
  • Specify Social Profile Links for Google to consider to show on search results.
  • Rich Snippets for Products and for Reviews.
  • Enable Breadcrumbs trail for better navigation directly from search results pages.
  • Tell Google to show or not Sitelinks Search Box. This allows customers to search your site directly from the search results pages.
  • Tell Google which name you preferred to show as company name in search results.
  • The module can be activated for specific IPs only for testing purposes.

Additional Information

  • Compatible with X-Cart 4.6.x or newer.

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