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Image Watermark for X-Cart 5


The Image Watermark module is an X-Cart 5 add-on which adds the ability to apply watermark text and/or image to products and categories images. This module includes extensive set of options. There is no need to change already uploaded images or to upload new images with watermark - simply setup the module and it will be the rest.

Image Watermark for X-Cart 5 Features

  • Installs as a module so you can easily turn it on/off when required.
  • Original images are not modified in any way. The module simply creates new watermarked images so if the module is not in use the original images will show.
  • There is no need to disable or uninstall the module if watermarked images are not needed anymore - simply set its status to "none" and the original images will show.
  • Watermark images with text, image or both.
  • Place the watermark anywhere on the image, rotate, set opacity, and more.
  • The image or text used for the watermark will scale down if it doesn't fit in the image.
  • The watermark will apply to products and categories images including detailed, zoom-in, thumbnail, product quick view.
  • Watermarked images are automatically created on page load and then re-used. The module will not create these image on every page load and thus it will not slow down site when images already exist. The only time new watermarked image is created is if it doesn't already exists or if module's settings were modified after images were created.
  • The following image formats are supported - jpeg, jpg, png and gif.

Additional Information

  • This module requires Exif PHP functionality. Check with your host and make sure Exif is installed and active on your hosting account.
  • Compatible with X-Cart 5.2.x or newer.

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