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xcartCDN for X-Cart Classic


xcartCDN module is an X-Cart Classic add-on that allows you to integrate your store with Content Delivery Network (CDN) like MaxCDN or TSS CDN. The CDN can serve store's images, css and js files and make your site load faster. This CDN integration provides fast and secure way of delivering contents to your customers and taking the load off of your server to speed up your site.

xcartCDN for X-Cart Classic Features

  • Installs as a module so you can easily turn it on/off.
  • Load catalog and products images from the CDN.
  • Load js and css files from the CDN.
  • Any urls to external websites are left untouched and load from their original location saving on your CDN bandwidth.
  • Works with both secure and insecure protocols from the CDN

Additional Information

  • You will need an active account with the CDN of choice.
  • Compatible with X-Cart 4.4.x or newer.

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