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Minimum Order Fee for X-Cart 5


The Minimum Order Fee module is an X-Cart 5 add-on which allows admin to set minimum purchase on orders and charge a fee if this limit is not met. The fee can be set as percentage of the order subtotal or fixed amount and can be restricted to certain memberships only.

Minimum Order Fee for X-Cart 5 Features

  • Installs as a module so you can easily turn it on/off when required.
  • Set minimum order subtotal and fee amounts.
  • Set if the Minimum Order Fee is fixed amount or percentage of the order subtotal.
  • Select memberships levels the Minimum Order Fee will apply.
  • Set your own title to show on order details and invoice for the Minimum Order Fee line.
  • Set your own "limit not met" and "limit met" messages.
  • Choose to show the limit messages on cart page, checkout page or both.
  • Works with both One Page Checkout and Fast Lane Checkout pages.

Additional Information

  • Compatible with X-Cart 5.1.x or newer.

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