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Contact Us Messages for X-Cart Classic


Contact Us Messages module saves the messages sent via X-Cart "Contact Us" form into the database. X-Cart by default does not save these emails and they often end up in spam box resulting in delays or even "no answer" to customers. If for any reason these customers attempts to contact the store are not received and customers not provided with assistance on time this may result in lost sales. Customers are using the Contact Us form hoping for fast and professional response. This module allows admin to access these messages at any time even if they were not delivered or email failed.

Contact Us Messages for X-Cart Classic Features

  • Message status - mark messages as answered or not.
  • Fulfillment staff can also be setup to check and view the messages.
  • Unwanted/spam messages can be deleted.
  • Records all the information customers sent via the "Contact Us" form into the database.
  • Easy to use interface right from the admin side of the store for easy access of the information.
  • Search messages by by multiple criteria.
  • Ability to sort results by different fields.

Additional Information

  • Compatible with X-Cart 4.1.x or newer.

Customer Reviews

  • I am very pleased with this mod as it gives me a permanent record of customer communications through X-Cart (Platinum 4.6.1). Tech support by Steve was excellent - he even extended the mod by adding support for Product questions.
    Posted May 20, 2014 by
    John Legg
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