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MaxMind minFraud Integration for X-Cart Classic


MaxMind minFraud Integration module helps to identify fraud in online e-commerce transactions. The MaxMind minFraud service can help reduce charge-backs by identifying risky orders for further review. It gives piece of mind and allows for better customer's service.
All that's needed is an account with MaxMind minFraud.
Since this module does not deal with any payment information it will not break your PCI compliance.

MaxMind minFraud Integration for X-Cart Classic Features

  • Installs as a module so you can easily turn it on/off when required.
  • Connects to MaxMind minFraud service once when order is placed to identify potential fraudulent orders.
  • Updated to use newest MaxMind API.
  • All information returned by the service is saved with the order so it can be reviewed it at any time without making any additional calls to the MaxMind minFraud service.
  • Includes additional device tracking code.
  • MaxMind minFraud information for an order is available on orders list and order details page in admin.
  • Optional settings to set orders in "Queued" status and/or in "Auth Only" status if riskScore is above certain number (potential fraud) so payments are not processed to avoid possible charge-backs.

Additional Information

  • Requires active MaxMind minFraud account.
  • Compatible with X-Cart 4.3.x or newer.

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