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TaxJar Integration for X-Cart Classic

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TaxJar Integration module is an X-Cart Classic add-on which helps store owners to calculate, manage and file sales taxes with TaxJar. TaxJar helps merchants with local jurisdictional tax reports, payment reminders, and more. TaxJar makes sales tax collecting and filing easier for online sellers and merchants.

With this module you do not need to install any other tax module - the TaxJar Integration module takes care of tax calculation and it is completely transparent to the end user.

TaxJar Integration for X-Cart Classic Features

  • Installs as a module so you can easily turn it on/off when required.
  • There is no need to setup any taxes within X-Cart backend.
  • Automatically connects to TaxJar services to get proper and accurate sales tax for orders.
  • Completely transparent to the end user and it will automatically update tax on every cart change - whether it is product, shipping method or address change.
  • Assign USA nexus regions in settings or automatically import them from your TaxJar account.
  • Assign product tax codes for proper taxation.
  • Product tax code field added to product import/export.
  • Send order and tax information to TaxJar on order placement, status change and order modify for easy reporting.
  • Re-calculate tax if admin modifies order.

Additional Information

  • Compatible with X-Cart 4.4.x or newer.

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