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December is reserved for maintenance and end-of-year tasks
Posted by Steve Stoyanov on 01 December 2015 02:41 PM

It is the end of the year again and as always December is reserved mostly for maintenance tasks and finishing already started projects. This is our time to prepare for end of year, do maintenance on our own website, and put some final touches on already started projects if time allows.

All projects, including new request, will be put on hold for the month of December and schedule for next year. Of course any emergency work request will be addressed as needed.

Due to our own maintenance tasks scheduled to take place in December there may be times when our website and support helpdesk are not accessible. Please be patient and try again in a few minutes.

You may also experience delayed responses at this time but rest assured we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and Happy Holidays!