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The Image Watermark module supports JPEG, JPG, PNG and GIF images. BMP image type images are not supported.

The module uses 3rd party and GD library to manipulate images. The BMP image type is not natively supported with the GD library and the 3rd party library does not have support for it either.

The BMP image format is not efficient for web. It doesn't support compression, it doesn't scale well and it has a big footprint resulting in bigger file size. It is recommended to convert BMP images to JPEG/JPG format if you plan to use them on your website.

This module uses an image when creating watermarks. It also accepts an image to use as watermark. The library it is built on uses Exif functions. If you see a PHP fatal error about "exif_read_data" and your store cannot operate that means the Exif functions are not installed with the PHP running on your server.

The "exif_read_data" function is built-in PHP function and part of the PHP Exif Image Processing functions. You will have to ask your host to rebuilt Apache/PHP with Exif functionality included. This will solve the problem and the module will start working properly as well as your store.